This year’s 7th Edition of the Social Innovation Challenge took place on the 12th June. More than 40 students from St. Martin’s, St. Edwards, St. Michael’s, De La Salle, Immculation Conception as well as St. Dorothy’s participated. Once again, the programme was in collaboration with Microsoft Malta and supported by HSBC Malta.

Each year, we target different topics in order to convey entrepreneurial concepts to impact, inspire and open young minds. As we are part of the international organisation Junior Achievement Worldwide, we naturally decided to align this year’s challenge to its new common thread. Indeed, we are very concerned with the upturn of the world’s future. Therefore, we oriented this edition towards the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

11th Sustainable Development Goal

In fact, those 7 Fifth Form teams tackled the United Nations11th Sustainable Development GoalSustainable Communities & Cities.

Malta is a good example of strong growth and development in terms of demography, real estate, tourism, infrastructure … As a matter of fact, the Maltese population is facing acute challenges in managing this rapid urbanization.

Thus, we assigned the students to task of designing a business solution that tackles the 11th Sustainable Development Goal in Malta with the use of modern technology.

In order to help and guide them, informative presentations on relevant topics regarding sustainable buildings, artificial intelligence and green rooves were made respectively by Ms. Mireille from QP, Ms. Claudia from IT University and Mr. Antoine from LifeMedGreenRoof.

After working with their mentors from Microsoft, GiG and EY Malta students identified issues faced by Maltese society such as transport, traffic, polluted air and water. The day ended with presentations of the teams regarding their business solutions to a panel of judges including Ms. Chantelle from HSBC Malta, Ms. Abigail from QP Malta and Mr. Johann from Malta Innovation Summit.

Ms. Fiona Captur, JAYE Malta CEO commented:

“It is clear that the students took all they were told on board, got to the core of the issues and came up with some detailed and innovative solutions in a short space of time.  Presentations were delivered with much conviction and passion.  It was a delight to see!”


Fili Moswala Moneli

The “Finals & Awards Night” is one of the greatest evening that JAYE is known for. Indeed, it is reflective of the peak of both Company and StartUp Programmes.

A few months ago, we celebrated, with great fanfare, our 30th Anniversary. Therefore, we would like to maintain the momentum by putting on the biggest show ever for these Finals. It is the perfect occasion to mark the year and create unforgettable memories !

Our finalists prepared exceptional presentations and pitches for the judges and the joining audience. This is the night when the team deserving the title of StartUp of the Year and Company of the Year is decided and announced.

All the teams who have reached the Semi-Finals stage will also have the opportunity to be rewarded for their hardwork and effort exercised throughout the competition as they are all eligible for a Signature Award such as “Best Financial Statements Award”, “Best Social Enterprise Award”, “Best Business Potential Award” and many more…

After 8 long months for all the teams, you will have the opportunity to listen and join the celebration of their reaching the end of the programme. Also, you will be at the forefront to see who will be taking home the titles of Company and StartUp of the Year.

We would like to thank our collaborators  StudioSeven for the audiovisual & production and Hilton for hosting this celebratory evening.

Have you booked your free tickets yet for our great event on EventBrite? The entire JAYE team is looking forward to seeing you Saturday 4th May at Grand Suite Hilton Hotel Malta at 18:00.

Fili Moswala Moneli

The competition is at its peak and the JAYE Finals are already in less than two weeks time… The teams who pass for the Finals will be in the running for the ‘Company of the Year’ Title, however all the teams are still eligible to take home a signature award! The 17 competing teams will give a 4 minute presentation about the company’s journey at the Semi-Finals… they will be presenting and showcasing their company’s overall performance, challenges and results, in other words, they will be describing all steps undertaken during their company’s journey.

Semi-Finals are taking place this Saturday 27th of April ‘2019 at the premises of Business Labs. Although, the Semi-Finals are not public, you can still support them and wish them good luck!

If you want to know what kind of businesses our students elaborated, take a look at the list below.


  • AIDA developed a card game named “Pack of Lies” dedicated to friends and family. The point is to test your knowledge in historical facts and other topics…
  • Awguri‘s aim is to spread love and hope by making wooden, handmade, hanging signs. Besides, they design unique and personalized products with heart-warming quotes.
  • Bin it is an application that helps Maltese population to sort, recycle and put out the garbage.
  • Blaze set up a website sharing all the upcoming sports events, walking and running paths.
  • Ecovibe created biodegradable illustrated cards to learn basic vocabulary and traditional vocabulary. Furthermore, it is available in several languages and packaged in recycled material.
  • Enlight is dedicated to improving the educational system for Malta’s youngest students. Thus, they developed a revision application, ‘reMinder’.
  • Elite‘s aim is to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they promote a ‘Well-being Box’ that supports the mind, body and soul.
  • Exhale wants to make Malta’s roads safer by raising awareness and reducing the serious issue of drink driving on the Island.
  • Hex Ink produces wooden cover which includes a marker with a duster/eraser. Also, four marker ink colors are available for now; black, blue, red and green.
  • Namu is devoted to creating a significantly greener environment by making up-cycled products. Moreover, each product sold results in one tree planted by the enterprise.
  • P3ntalogy improves everyday life through fun and witty mugs to start off your day with.
  • O’5 Creative provides graphic design solutions for organisations and individuals.
  • Quick Rentals Malta developed an application to help foreigners and locals finding affordable housing.
  • Rel8 created an application helping bring people together, using common interests and promoting events.
  • Tpejjipx merchandises products that advocate the reduction of tobacco consumption.
  • Vortex’s main line of business is education for students. They provide a sharing notes platform fed by the students themselves.
  • YGM developed an online marketplace selling environmentally friendly products.


Only the 5 best teams will be able to compete at the JAYE Finals & Awards Night on the 4th of May.

And lastly, we would to thank our wonderful Company Programme sponsors Deloitte and HSBC Malta.



Fili Moswala Moneli

Our famous Company and StartUp programme are coming to an end. This year, we decided to mark the occasion by organizing proper Semi-Finals. This will occur on 27th April 2019 and host by our supporter Business Labs Office Centre. Thus, we are really pleased that they are is putting at our disposal their Meeting Space. This centerpiece includes boardrooms and meeting rooms equipped with a set of high quality business tools.

Moreover, we are really grateful towards the whole Business Labs Office Centre for this great opportunity. Thanks to their support, our first edition of the Semi-Finals will definitely be a success !

Also, keep in mind that the the JAYE Finals & Awards Night will occur on 4th May 2019. The event is kindly hosted by Hilton Hotel Malta and supported by Studio 7.



Fili Moswala Moneli

The competition has been running for months and the Finals are near… Nevertheless, there is still one crucial step left before the very end of this contest : the Semi-Finals !

Indeed, this will be the opportunity for the 7 StartUp teams to spotlight the strength of their project. For this purpose, they will prepare a 4 minute pitch to present in front of judges. This will take place on the 27th of April ‘2019 at the premises of Business Labs.

Take a look at the list below of the StartUps of the competition. Although, the Semi-Finals are not open to public, you can still support and send your thoughts to our students !


  • IntolerEat are creating a multi – faceted platform. It provides additional information regarding food intolerances and allergies.
  • Jaxi are designing reusable food delivery containers and boxes. Their main aim is to offer an environmental friendly alternative to the current single use containers.
  • Rizerve eases the interaction between businesses and customers through a reservation platform.
  • Sebado are developing a pet-bracelet containing GPS and health monitor for heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, ensuring a constant real time health monitoring for your pets.
  • SeekMe are developing an app that enables job seekers and employers to interact.
  • Valet are developing an application that consists of tracking and informing users of available parking spaces. Moreover, the application becomes interactive amongst its users once two people are matched.
  • Zero Q established a scanning and payment application that reduces the amount of time queuing up for its users.


The 5 most convincing teams will access the ultimate step of this contest which is the JAYE Finals & Awards Night on the 4th of May.

And finally, we would to thank our wonderful StartUp Programme sponsors PwC Malta, Agenzjia Zghazagh and HSBC Malta.



Fili Moswala Moneli