Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation (formerly known as Young Enterprise) recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with two events – a seminar entitled Valuing Entrepreneurship Education in the 21st Century, and a dinner; with both events held at the InterContinental Malta on 5 and 6 December respectively.

Entrepreneurship Education to Employability & Wealth Generation

The seminar’s objective was to discuss the impact of Entrepreneurship Education to Employability and Wealth Generation. It addressed the value that entrepreneurship education has towards the creation of a more adaptable, flexible and responsive work force. The event also focusing on what is being done locally and abroad to validate entrepreneurship education initiatives that add value to the economy. The seminar was addressed by Hon. Chris Cardona, Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment, and Caroline Jenner, CEO of JA Europe.

30th Anniversary Dinner Celebrations

The dinner delivered on its promise to celebrate the myriad alumni, teachers, and mentors who shared so many special experiences over the past 30 years. It honoured ex-participants who have gone on to become the leaders of some of Malta’s most successful businesses; while paying tribute to the hundreds of volunteers who, over the years, have contributed their time and energy to the Foundation. The celebration also commended the vision of the founders, staff, and board members of JAYE who have contributed to developing the organisation’s unique approach.

The dinner was addressed by H.E. The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, who said that

“Young Entrepreneurs can build a legacy of innovation which is fundamental for the resilience of our societies. This is why the European Commission itself has recognised JAYE as a best practice in the sector, because it offers educational excellence in the area of entrepreneurship. I therefore augur that JAYE will continue its important work here in Malta, and across Europe for the benefit of our young people. I am truly proud of all the young people who are participating in this organisation, and working together to create more inclusive and more resilient societies.”

It has been a landmark year for JAYE Malta – the foundation also received MQF 3 Non-Formal accreditation for its middle and secondary school programmes as well as its post-secondary flagship programme, The Company Programme.

Looking back on the 30th Anniversary events programme, Julian Azzopardi, CEO of JAYE Malta, said that

“It was a week of stimulating discussions on the value of entrepreneurship education and what JAYE Malta has contributed to Maltese and Gozitan youth over these past 30 years. We are encouraged by the words of support shared by Her Excellency The President of Malta during our Anniversary dinner, by the Honourable Ministers Bartolo and Cardona during our seminar and all the attendees of the events. It shows that we are as relevant today as we were 30 years ago. Thank you to all our supporters without whom we would not be here celebrating this landmark achievement.”



Tuesday 4th December JAYE Malta is hosting the Entrepreneurship Education Seminar to continue the conversation about

The core of what JAYE does lies within the remit of the educational sector by challenging the status quo, to provoke thinking and a varied way of learning.  Entrepreneurship Education in the 21st Century is a morning of conversation and learning between different stakeholders that form our community.

The conversation that we want to trigger evolves around the value of Entrepreneurship’s Educational and its value to employability, the economy and wealth generation. The seminar will run in the form of 2 panel discussions.

The first panel discussions will focus on what is currently being done in Malta and in Europe, while conversing with industry on the value they see Entrepreneurship Education has towards the creation of a more adaptable, flexible and responsive work force.The second panel discussion will bring together academia and industry on the topic of generating wealth though the creation of new businesses by individuals who would have gone through a form of entrepreneurial experience during their scholastic journey.

A Q&A session will follow each discussion.

This is a FREE event. Use the link here to register your attendance.

Join the conversation!




2015 Entrepreneurship Education Seminar

Warm Sunshine on the Ground

Qormi, 03/08/2018

I have been living in Malta for 2 weeks and today my second week as a business facilitator has passed.

I leave the school, find a beautiful park, or better; it is the only place where I can enjoy some shade, along with a little breeze.

I sit. I am happy. I write.

Finally, I give words to my thoughts and feelings regarding my experience on this Island.

Finally, I can do that without the sun kissing my chest. The sunlight hits my head and the heat makes my shirt completely wet, but I like it! Warm sunshine on the ground means living out of the comfort zone, it means taking streets that have no name and doing it with a positive attitude, always.

Day by day Malta seems to be left all by itself, for me. As a kid who jumps for the first time into the water without armrests. To me, this is Malta so far. An island left amongst the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, left to its own history, hopeful about the future. In a constant conflict between the reality and the ambition, between the elderly from the centre of the island and the young people dancing on the seaside.

I am a bit tired but I am proud of myself. The job is tough but insanely interesting and challenging.

I do not know how to define what I feel when I sit behind the teacher’s desk. If I think about that, I smile.

It is a mix of feelings. I am glad while I am teaching but at the same time I feel the huge responsibility. The responsibility of providing concepts, knowledge, the responsibility of inspiring students. And do it in my way, using my approach.

The responsibility of teaching them not how to study or how to behave but how to not stop dreaming. How to turn their creativity and ideas into reality. I love it! I have loved the Europe My Business programme since the beginning.

Before starting the session, I take a look at the class, I look in their eyes. I see myself.

Just few years ago I was a student. Honestly, I have never been one of the best. I was a scholar but I preferred to focus more on other stuff. I liked playing sports, taking part in different activities, hanging out with friends. All things, as well as education, that helped me to be the person who I am today.

Then I start, I break the ice. The first few minutes I want to have a light and upbeat conversation with students.

I try to be friendly. Friendly teachers were the best when I think back.

Time flies with them. I really enjoy my time! How wonderful listening to students’ life plans and answering to their curiosity is. I try to do my best. I share with them my educational background, work experiences and mostly my valuable life lessons.

Before teaching business, I try to give them my rule of life: “Believe in yourself, always!”

Now I have to go, I have a business meeting.

I get up. I keep walking again. I cannot wait for the coming week.

Warm sunshine on the ground.

JAYE is currently running 2 summer programmes for the younger entrepreneurs out there at various SkolaSajf centers on the island. The first is ‘Our Community’, which is an interactive method of helping 8-10 year olds understand the basic concepts and importance of a community, and the jobs that form part of it. The second is Europe my Business, this time helping 11-14 year olds broaden their entrepreneurial knowledge and come up with business ideas of their own.

Both of these programmes have been adapted for the particular age group in an attempt to make them as fun yet knowledgeable as possible. By doing so we have seen students who had no idea of the concepts of entrepreneurship develop the right skills and attitudes to have an entrepreneurial mindset.



It has been 30 years since Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation initiated the will to inspire young minds.  It didn’t take much longer for the founders to start off the legendary Company Programme just a year later in 1989.

Three decades later  and the Company Programme Finals and Awards Night, as majestic as ever was once again held on the 27th of May 2018. This was the the night when JAYE celebrated remarkable minds and forged connections.   16 teams of anxious youths awaited their spotlight moment in the Grandmaster Suite of the Hilton Malta.   We were thrilled to see that we were joined by many current  and past friends of JAYE including, families, friends, mentors, link teachers and sponsors.  One of whom was local artist and JAYE Alumni, Christabelle, who shared a few words of motivation for the participants.

The evening was a lengthy one. It took off with the semi-finals where all the 16 Company Programme teams had to convince the panel of judges of their company’s success, achievements and personal entrepreneurial development. This was pivotal moment for them.  After the 9 long months, of learning, discussing, creating and developing their companies it boiled down to those 4 minutes.

Everyone is a winner!

Once the finalists pitched their successes once more, the most anticipated moment of the evening ceremony had arrived.  The Award Ceremony;  9 Awards, 2 Runners up and the Company of the Year 2018 Title. The ceremony started off with the first two awards presented by Deloitte.  The Best Business Plan  awarded to Brelki, from Verdala International School, and The Best Financial Statements to Evolveco, from St Aloysius College Malta. Deloitte also presented 2 students with the opportunity of an interning with them.  The Best Use of Communication Platforms, presented by the Malta Communication Authority,  was also awarded to Evolveco.  Next up were The Best Human Resources Award and Best Implementation of Marketing & Sales Award both awarded to OPUS from De La Salle College, presented by Farsons and the JAYE Alumni Malta respectively. Following was ACE, from St Aloysius College presented with The Best Social Enterprise Award by Microsoft Malta.  The EFQ Quality Excellence Award, presented by none less than EFQ Management Consultancy  to FAZE from G.F Abela Junior College.  The Philip Bonnet Award for Perseverance was awarded to McAlistair Azzopardi and Paul Sullivan from G.F. Abela Junior College and St Martin’s College, respectively.  The John Harper Award for 2018 was awarded to HSBC Malta Foundation They have been a great support for the successes of JAYE Malta Foundation! Nonetheless reflected by the 11 internship opportunities they have given for Company Programme participants.

The Company of The Year 2018 goes to…

The most climactic moment had arrived. The announcement of the 2 Runners up and the title of the Company of the Year 2018! 2nd Runner Up was Samsara from Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary. 1st Runner Up was Faze.  Last but not least the Company of the Year 2018 title, presented by HSBC was awarded to Evolveco, from St Aloysius College.  Evolveco’s mission is to replace plastic cup consumption with biodegradable ones.  However Evolveco’s journey has not ended yet.  They will now be representing Malta at the 29th JA Europe Company of the Year Competition to be held in Belgrade between the 19th and 22nd of July 2018.

We would like to congratulate all the participating students as the JAYE Malta Company programme is not an easy feat.

Not a success without…

During this night, ideas flowed and connections forged. These are the moments where futures build roots. An evening not possible without the constant support of the panel of judges, mentors, link teachers and all volunteers who never fail to ensure that the programme is a success. Additionally all our corporate sponsors including HSBC Malta Foundation, Microsoft Malta, Atlas Insurance, who presented the team with Insurance Coverage for their trip, and ISL who have been nothing but great. Last but not least we would like to extend our thanks to the Programme Sponsors including EFQ Management Consultance, MCA, Farsons, Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry, ZAAR and Deloitte Malta.