Noel Debono

“Being a Business Advisor with JAYE is one of the most enriching experiences I have encountered in my life. It is a great opportunity to share my professional experience with young students to help them understand and tackle business challenges with confidence.”

Matthew Sammut

“We are impressed and so proud of the dedication, determination and drive students have shown and I am certain that through this mentorship programme they have now set strong foundations and gained insight as regards to how crucial critical thinking skills, innovation and networking is to guarantee a future in the business arena. We are […]

Kurt Micallef

“When I was asked to be a Business Adviser for a JAYE team I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew I wanted to give something back, little did I know that I would have been the one receiving and also growing from this experience. I found the whole experience very humbling as […]

Sara Strijbosch

“Deep down inside, there’s always a feeling that you want to help out, that you want to do something. Volunteering for was always something I planned on doing since I work for HSBC who supports JAYE, and I finally I had the opportunity to do so. Being a mentor to the students is a wonderfully […]