“JAYE offers learning by doing; an opportunity to tap into the business world with professional mentors and JAYE staff that guide and form tomorrow’s business leaders. The business world can be a very tough place to be and many would be either lost or scared at attempting to setting up a business. The Company Programme offers a sheltered and supported environment within which participants are allowed to learn from their mistakes and grow in self-confidence to later take the plunge into entrepreneurship.”

I loved the experience and the fact that it provided me with the opportunity to extend the students’ classroom-based experience with a hands-on entrepreneurial experience. The JAYE Malta Company Programme offers educational tools that are unique in nature as they prepare young people to the real, dynamic and challenging entrepreneurial world. The experience made me realise that there is much more than simply the pursuance in the generation of value through creating an idea, producing, and selling that idea.

A JAYE team acquires other skills such as teamwork, meeting deadlines, being creative and innovative, personal skills, public speaking skills, foresightedness, being proactive and so much more. As an educator, I felt fulfilled when I saw the positive changes that the students acquired thanks to the JAYE Company Programme experience.