Job Shadow Day with Twitter

Last Friday Twitter hosted JA alumni and students to virtually connect with some of their staff for part of their day!

Antonella Nevola, past JAYE participant and active JAYE alumna virtually met Twitter employee Sarah Elizabeth Graham.

The JAYE Programmes are really and truly a platform, the start of endless opportunities. Completing a JAYE programme means that you’ve gained a unique set of skills and now you have an even bigger network of like-minded individuals through the global alumni network. This Twitter shadowing experience is only one of so many opportunities provided for alumni.

Once the experience ended we asked Antonella to enlighten us about what happened and how this experience has inspired her.

“Thanks to the Job-Shadowing day I had the fantastic opportunity to meet Sarah Elizabeth Graham, a Twitter employee engaged in Communications and Experiential Marketing. When you meet someone with an interesting background or someone you could identify as a mentor, the list of questions is almost endless, nevertheless, she managed in a limited amount of time, to fulfil the hottest ones and pique my curiosity even more. So much that I’m now interested in an internship opportunity at Twitter. As a JAYE alumna, I’m grateful for all the opportunities given to us. It’s also very gratifying experiencing how easily this Network gives access to thousands of open-minded and inspiring people, from where one can find knowledge and insight on career and entrepreneurial matters.”

We encourage all our alumni to join the global JA Alumni network on