St Dorothy School taking up JAYE entrepreneurship programme

Once again St Dorothy’s School has been very proactive at providing JAYE programmes for their students. Every year JAYE is invited to deliver Europe My Business’ to their secondary students and this year was no exception in spite of the current challenges. 44 students participated through 3 online classes with the help of teachers and JAYE facilitators.

JAYE adapted the programme to make sure that the students, even with the current restrictions and online delivery, got the same level of experience as any other year! 

Europe my Business is a JA Programme that focuses on concepts related to the stages of product manufacturing, valuation  and packaging of a product and international trade.  The programme provides the opportunity for students to tap into soft skills such as creativity, discussions and presentations through experiential learning as well as hands-on learning outputs.

Currently JAYE is delivering the latest and newest JA Programme about Financial Literacy through gamification and an application– Building a Financially Capable Generation

Participation is free. Please do get in touch if this could be of interest to your youngsters aged 12 to 16.

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