The Our Community Skolasajf Programme

JAYE Malta is back for the 3rd time at Skolasajf! 

JAYE Malta Foundation teaches a variety of programmes to young learners, designed to teach younger generations about the importance of financial management, entrepreneurship and work readiness.

One of the main programmes delivered by JAYE during this summer’s Skolasajf is  Our Community. This is a primary school level programme, which is taking place over a period of two days where children between the ages of 7 and 9 learn about the importance of jobs in the community, taxes and starting their own business. This is done through a variety of fun yet educational activities which also help students to hone their skills in teamwork and critical thinking.   

During this programme, students are able to highlight various jobs and their importance in the community, while identifying the differences between public and private jobs. This, along with an interactive map that includes voice clips and short profiles for each occupation, helps students to recognise the different jobs that exist within a community. Students are then given the opportunity to creatively build their own communities, by exploring various shops and jobs they are able to bring their imagination of their own community to life.

This programme provides young learners the opportunity to not only understand the importance of what a community needs in terms of goods and services, but also how they can play an important role in their own communities and today’s modern world.