FERD’s List Class of 2021 – Tim Crockford

Seven brilliant JA Alumni have been selected to be added to the FERD’s list including JAYE Malta Alumni, Tim Crockford!

Tim Crockford participated in the JAYE Malta Company Programme in 2000 as a managing director and took home first place with his team, Inpact, with their mobile phone holder.

For the 5th year, a selection of inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders from the Junior Achievement network of alumni have been added to the FERD’s List. The FERD’s List is a joint initiative by JA Europe and FERD, that recognizes individuals who had an entrepreneurial experience while at school, and built on this opportunity to become extraordinary entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

The FERD’s List honourees are testimonies that giving young people practical entrepreneurial experiences while school can be transformative for these individuals as well as creating a virtual circle for the broader society.

“Through this initiative, we want to show that building an entrepreneurship mind-set in young people results in a virtuous circle, at many levels and for the long run”, says Johan H. Andresen, Owner and Chairman of Ferd, and initiator of the FERD’s List. He added: “I am delighted that these seven individuals are joining the growing list of honourees and look forward to discovering what the future holds for them.”

“We are proud to count such brilliant individual amongst our alumni community, and are grateful to Johan H. Andresen for shedding some light on their inspiring stories. Thanks to our alumni’s commitment, dedication and generosity, we will be able to give a chance to more young Europeans to have similar life- changing opportunities”, said Salvatore Nigro, CEO of JA Europe.

The FERD’s List is now bringing together 38 brilliant young individuals who are driven by a desire to succeed and to give back to society.