2022 Company Programme Signature Awards

The Company Programme 2021-22 reward teams with 5 different signature awards from our partners: HSBC Malta Foundation, Deloitte, EFQ Management Consultants, Farsons and Atlas Insurance. 

“Nurture your ambitions” 

The HSBC Green Entrepreneurship Award 

This Award recognizes the mini-company that embodies the principles and spirit of green entrepreneurship to the highest extent. They must present a creative and innovative solution that considers the challenges of today’s society.  

The green entrepreneurs should be able to demonstrate that:  

  • They act as entrepreneurs 
  • They have strong internal motivation related to a high sensitivity to environmental problems 
  • They address an environmental/social problem consciously 
  • They have an innovative mindset with disruptive ideas  
  • They consciously strive to contribute to a more sustainable future and to the decrease of social inequalities 
  • They have measurable goals for reducing their environmental footprint 
  • They publicly disclose detailed information about the mini company’s production processes 

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now…” 

The Deloitte Best Business Plan Award 

This Award recognizes teams that have demonstrated the ability to put forward a concise and well-defined business plan in the first phase of the programme. 

This Award has 4 main criteria: 

  • Marketability: 
  • Effective use of the capital, the human resources, the business information and research 
  • Deep understanding of the marketing opportunity and competitive strategy 
  • Community impact and job creation potential 
  • Quality: 
  • Clear communication 
  • Quality of the product or services  
  • Plan Content: 
  • Content of the plan 
  • Presentation: 
  • Quality and effectiveness of the presentation 

“In the race of quality, there is no finish line…” 

The EFQ Quality Excellence Award 

The EFQ Quality Excellence Award judging, is based on company wide Continuous Improvements (CI) initiatives, throughout the journey from Business Planning Stage to the Final Report. CI is assessed from various aspects such as Customer satisfaction, Process Improvements, Product/Service Quality, Quality Policy/Quality Management System, teamwork, understanding of Quality, Leadership and Vision, Viability, amongst others” 

“Create and nurture world class brands which inspire the trust and loyalty of consumers.” 

This award recognizes teams that have best built their work readiness skills. The main skills including but not limited to ability, drive, the capacity to nurture learnability and to adapt to the new normal. 

The criteria for this award includes:  

  • Process of skill improvement  
  • Skills displayed during the project: 
  • Creativity 
  • Cognitive flexibility 
  • Goal orientation 
  • Problem solving 
  • Digital skills 
  • Endurance 
  • Self-reflection and action learning 

“Inspiration is the most important part of your digital strategy…” 

The Atlas Digital Marketing Award will be awarded to the team that excels in the digital marketing area. Indeed, digital marketing allows companies to target specific audiences, stand out and create a brand personality. 

The 7 main elements to consider are:  

  • Types of online media chosen 
  • The reasoning behind the media’s selection  
  • What kind of adverts have been used and their level of effectiveness 
  • Allocation of Marketing Budget 
  • Target Audience 
  • Artwork design 
  • Facebook page or Instagram