Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation is a member nation of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide which represents a global network of non-profit organisations sharing a common mission and purpose to be leaders in the field of enterprise education. JAYE Malta aims to spur economic development through improving young people’s understanding of business, economics, employability and entrepreneurship.

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Working in over 115 countries, JA equips young people with the employment and entrepreneurship skillsets and mindsets they need to succeed. By building abilities and nurturing self-belief, JA prepares youth for the future of work, ensures they have the tools to be financially capable and safe adults, and teaches them to think entrepreneurially. Supported by nearly half a million volunteers, and reaching more than 12 million students each year, JA is one of the few organizations with the scale, experience, and passion to build a brighter future for the next generation of global innovators and entrepreneurs thereby addressing both innovation and employment.

JA Worldwide has been listed once again by NGO Advisor as the largest and 7th most impactful NGO in the world.

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Financial Capability

Financial Literacy is not only about the ability to understand how money works in the world but how to manage it. This is the set of skills and knowledge that allows you to make informed and effective decisions when faced with how best to utilise your financial resources that ensure long-term financial wellness.

Work Readiness & Learnability

Employability is the notion of bridging the gap between the school desk and the world of work. This includes specific work-related skills that are crucial for one to be successful as an entry-level employee as well as later on in life. Through partnerships with industry and our diverse team of volunteers, JAYE programmes connect the dots between what is taught in the classroom and the relevance to the working world.


We define entrepreneurship as turning ideas into action through innovation, research, risk-taking, planning and perseverance. These attributes are essential to successfully identify and seize opportunities; personally, in the community and at work whilst honing inherent resilience.


To educate, empower and inspire young people so that they may transform their future and achieve entrepreneurial success in a global economy.

Be the partner of choice for businesses, educators, and policymakers around the globe seeking to expand youth education and economic development.

Belief in the boundless potential of young people. Commitment to the principles of market-based economics and entrepreneurship. Passion for what we do with honesty, integrity and excellence in how we do it. Respect for the talent, creativity, perspectives and backgrounds of all individuals. Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration. Conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on ‘learning by doing’.


Chris Vassallo Cesareo


The active engagement of youth is central to achieving sustainable, inclusive and stable societies. Empowering our youth as agents of change is crucial. After all, they are the future, and so they should be given the opportunity to shape it.

Jean Paul Attard

Board Member


Karl Briffa

Board Member

Susan Weenink Camilleri

Board Member

Having mentored in the early days of JAYE the programme was a very valid one then and remains so today.  I intend to support JAYE further through my participation on the Board.

Mark Drago

Board Member

Helga Ellul

Board Member

It is essential that students are exposed to the ‘ real ‘ world to find their future place in it. ‘ Learning by doing ‘  has and will always be key.

Emidio Friggieri

Board Member

The experience with the students continues to give me the energy to come back year after year to support JAYE.

Matthew von Brockdorff FCII

Board Member

I am motivated to see students benefit from their experience with JAYE Programmes.

Kristina Rapa Manche’

Board Member

Michela Rausi

Board Member

Fabianne Ruggieri

Board Member

We believe in working towards a better future and through JAYE we nurture the mindset and the competencies to take us there.




Make things happen.


Operations Manager

Strive to find the best version of you.


Tech Development & Operational Support

Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.


Programme Coordinator

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently Not Ben – 2022.


Previous Chairmen

Mark Miceli Farrugia

1989 – 1991

Alex Xuereb

1992 – 1994

John Harper

1994 – 2000

Michael Cutugno

2000 – 2003

Josef Camilleri

2003 – 2012

Michael Ellul Vincenti

2012 – 2014

David Pace

2014 – 2017

Karl Briffa

2017 – 2021

Philip Rizzo


Previous CEO

Ralf Graves

1989 – 1992

Alex Xuereb

1992 – 1994

Claire Flores

1994 – 2003

Mark Farrugia

2003 – 2004

Rachelle Tabone

2005 – 2006

Karl Gouder

2006 – 2008

Lorna Farrugia

2009 – 2014

Julian Azzopardi

2014 – 2019

Fiona Captur

2019 – 2022

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