Title: Programmes Coordinator
Sliema Office, Malta


The purpose of the Coordinator is to:

  1. Coordinate all resources required to deliver JAYE’s programmes effectively, including respective programme and organisational partners;
  2. Deliver JAYE’s programmes;
  3. Provide support to the CEO, Operations Manager and Organisation in the execution of general administrative duties;
  4. Provide guidance and/or training to Mentors, junior team members including Interns and Volunteers;
  5. Design and develop programme content with prior approval from OM.

Who are you?

The ideal candidate would have a number of the following skills & backgrounds;

  • Maltese Knowledge
  • English (C1 Level speaking and writing)
  • Background in business/entrepreneurship (preferred)
  • Degree/masters in entrepreneurship or related subjects (preferred)
  • Experience in delivering interactive training/classes
  • Confident in Public speaking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Able to manage multiple projects at once
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Innovative & creative
  • Self-starter and self-motivated
  • Able to adapt to different stakeholders
  • Driving Licence (preferred)

Quarterly Objectives

  1.  The delivery of effective programmes will be achieved by:
    1. Detailed calendar of the Organisation’s events and activities in collaboration with the rest of the JAYE Malta team in order to achieve the overall Organisational Objective and Mission.
    2. Confirming that all assigned work for the delivery of a programme can actually be delivered before it is agreed to.
    3. Confirming that all programme elements are financially viable.
    4. Ensuring that all programme elements are delivered to specification and on time (this also includes PR material and other promotional requirements for the Programme / Organisation).
    5. Review and adjust, where necessary, current programmes offered by JAYE and recommend changes that improve / enhance these programmes.
    6. Ensure an open and positive relationship is maintained with JAYE partners and stakeholders at all times.
    7. Provide continuous feedback to the CEO and OM of Programme implementation and possible development.
    8. Provide mentorship and training to junior team members.
    9. Provide continuous feedback on all internal digital systems to ensure ongoing effectiveness and increase efficiency.
    10. Develop and abide by pre-agreed budgets.
  1.  A high level of understanding of students which will be achieved by:
    1. Ensuring that all programme content is relevant and aligns with the goal of the programme.
    2. Increase participation and retention rates of students in JAYE Programmes.
    3. Deliver the content of the programme to specification and on time.
  1.  A high level of administrative coordination:
    1. Ensuring that all organisational support is provided effectively according to Organisational standards.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. High percentage of programmes coordinated well
  2. High percentage of programmes delivered to specification
  3. High student satisfaction survey results
  4. Effective training and mentorship
  5. Effective corrective action recommendations and implementation
  6. Effective administration of Organisational resources
  7. Effective participation and contribution to Organisational development (including Board Meetings, meetings with potential sponsors, seminars, etc as necessary).

Position with Company

The Programme Coordinator reports directly to the OM and CEO.

How to apply

If you are interested please apply here : https://jobsinmalta.com/job/operations/programme-coordinator-49333