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If you are currently attending a sixth form, then Company Programme is for you.

If you are currently attending a tertiary level educational institute then StartUp Programme is for you!

The JAYE Malta Company Programme offers post-secondary students the opportunity to take a business idea, formulate it and make it a reality over the course of 8/9 months, all within the framework of an international network of youths. The programme connects youth to a massive network of business professionals both nationally and internationally.

The programme connects youth to a network of Organizational and global business professionals.

JAYE Malta Company programme is based on our principle of learning by doing and provides a structure that takes the participants through all the phases of the creation of a mini-company. The learning by doing experience is delivered through hands-on workshops, guidance by mentors and judging panel’s feedback at the respective stages.

The learning outcomes from the JAYE Malta Company Programme include the ability of the student to:

  • Engage in creative thinking, ideation and problem solving activities
  • The ability to prepare and give a presentation to an audience
  • Build confidence and a can-do attitude
  • The ability to work within a team and collaborate
  • Negotiate and make decisions
  • Set goals, manages time and takes risks
  • Create and execute a Business Plan
  • Develop Financial Literacy

The JAYE StartUp Programme is a platform for participating tertiary students to build a foundation for a potential start-up as a tool to develop their entrepreneurial skills. This 8/9-month journey allows students to come up with an innovative product or service, design a business model and ultimately pitch their concept in front of a jury representing potential investors. Our vision is that these student start-ups are prepped enough by the end of the programme to potentially consider launching their start-up.

The JAYE StartUp Programme is offered as a series of hands-on, practical weekend workshops, one-to-one strategy meetings and mentorship from business professionals who volunteer their time and expertise.

JAYE StartUp is based on our principal of Learning by Doing and self-leading which guides participants through the actual start-up processes needed for any successful business including:

  • Idea generation
  • Concept validation
  • Market research
  • Designing a business model
  • Pitching to investors
  • Receiving mentorship

The JAYE StartUp Programme is also an essential networking opportunity for young individuals who are seeking to establish themselves as entrepreneurial achievers in an increasingly competitive labour market. It gives participants the opportunity to bounce-off innovative ideas and get first hand expertise from people in the know about business and the world of work.

Both programmes start from October until May.

The Company Programme is split into 3 phases, followed by the national competition. The national winner will then represent Malta at the JA European Company of the Year competition (CoYC)

The StartUp Programme is split into 2 phases, followed by the national competition. The national winners will then represent Malta at the JA European Enterprise Challenge (EEC)

Both programmes lead to a national competition to choose the top 3 teams. However, all the teams are also eligible for signature awards which are announced during the year.

Company Programme teams should be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15. We highly recommend 5 or 7 team members per mini company.

The Minimum number of team members for StartUp Programme is 2 students.  We highly recommend up to 5 team members per StartUp team.

Both Company Programme and StartUp Programme are delivered in English.

The workshops will provide insight, motivation and added input on programme specific topics related to the outputs required and tools for the students to achieve pre-set goals. JAYE Workshops are designed in a manner to engage and provide spaces for collaborative work, public speaking opportunities, innovating and building a network of professionals.

Due to the nature of the Programme being a self-led experience the students are to coordinate, facilitate and take responsibility for the stages of their mini company.

JAYE Malta is there to provide the guidelines, framework and opportunity for students to create and innovate while making their own decisions. We are there to support and guide, however the students are expected to take all the actions to reach the success of their mini-company or start up.

Company Programme – one of the first actions for the team will be to collect share capital to be able to fund the mini-company. Specific guidelines will be provided once the programme starts.