“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

– Edmund Burke

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Microsoft Malta has been supporting JAYE Malta’s Social innovation challenge for 7 years. As an information technology company, Microsoft believes in the power and need for innovation. It is for this reason that Microsoft Malta supports JAYE Malta as it provides opportunities to young individuals to shape the future they live in by giving them the cast to address some of the most important social issues that youth face in Malta. As a firm, our mission is to provide access to IT to every household in the world; this cannot be done alone and youth are the ideal drivers of new trends, mobilisers of mass following and some of the best educators to older generations. Innovation truly lies in the hands of youth and Microsoft Malta supports every effort to catalyse such developments also through the collaboration with JAYE Malta.

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JAYE Malta offers a nurturing environment for young minds to develop the skills necessary to consider entrepreneurship a career prospect and become tomorrow’s business leaders. Their hands on approach ensures that the youth of today enter the business world fully prepared to face tomorrows business challenges.

Grinsens' passion for growing future business leaders aligns well with JAYE Malta's hands on approach and we are proud to be involved with providing business management and operational support services to JAYE Malta.



Sponsors are the lifeblood of JAYE Malta; without you we would not be able to provide the amazing opportunities that we offer for young people between the ages of 7 and 30 year-on-year. You are a true #jayehero! If that is not enough don’t take our word for it, see what our sponsors have to say about their motivation to support JAYE Malta in our testimonials section. Donations support JAYE Malta’s drive to improve young people’s understanding of business, economics and entrepreneurship by funding the provision international opportunities for our young people, hosting events, improving learning facilities and resources, and much more. For your contribution we will provide you with a number of opportunities for collaboration and it is our pleasure to publicly praise your efforts in all that we do!

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