Creativity and Innovation

This Programme is designed for 14 years old youth. Enterprise in Action is an eight to ten-week class led by Business Mentors, that helps students understand the principal characteristics of the free enterprise economic system and the role of business in it. Students learn the steps in organising a business and producing and marketing a product. They also study the social responsibilities of businesses and the role of the government in the economy.

It is focused on providing participants with a brief introduction to how a product idea is turned into a potential business. This is done by introducing the concept of roles and specialisation through an understanding of individual strengths, the four marketing Ps - Place, Price, Product and Promotion. We believe that Enterprise in Action is an important pre-cursor to The Company Programme and allows participants to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities, creativity and group work, all in the while developing a business concept.

The Business Mentors lead this programme based on their experience in the world of Work, and therefore constitute the added value to the traditional courses.

What will I gain from Enterprise in Action?

  • Knowledge about how today’s businesses work
  • Insight of how to market a product
  • Understanding of businesses’ responsibility
  • Creativity
Upcoming Events

Dec 19

Company Programme Christmas Product Launch

19th December @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm