Developing Innovative Solutions

This Programme is designed for Fifth Formers at Secondary level.

At the Social Innovation Challenge students who may not know each other, meet up in order to address a specific business challenge set-out by Microsoft. The Social Innovation Challenge is an intense experience for the students as they have to propose a solution within 1 day, given access to tools, information and resources. Students start off with a session of brainstorming/idea generating (and ice-breaking) techniques and exercises. Students are grouped together in diverse teams consisting of 5-6 students.


The teams move into making their idea a reality; consulting with the Volunteer Experts in order to figure out how to develop their idea. Teams have to prepare a presentation and a business concept within 1 day and make their final presentations to a panel of judges.

Teams apply entrepreneurial and innovative thinking in order to arrive at their final solutions; the jury selects the top solutions. It is important that the challenges presented to the participants (students) are real ones and their developed solutions will actually be used. The pupils’ motivation increases significantly when they know their contributions will actually help someone.

What will I gain from the Social Innovation Challenge?

  • Creativity
  • ‘Outside the box’ thinking
  • Team work
  • Confidence
  • Communication and presentation skills
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