Anthony Ellul

“The Company Programme philosophy is “learning-by-doing”. The programme takes students through the whole way of the real business hands-on practice, from the concept to liquidation (including management of the team, business planning, product or service development, marketing, sales, accounting, CSR & company promotion). The Company Programme develops skills for employability, such as teamwork, leadership, time management, presentation, report writing, planning, financial control, and being responsible and accountable to shareholders and their colleagues forming part of the company.

The reason for my volunteering with JAYE Malta is to give my contribution and personal experience to narrow the bridge between business in theory and business experience in reality! The other reason is that students will know what is to expect when going away from the school bench and into the business world. Today’s students are tomorrow prominent leaders! The Company Programme is truly beneficial in which every student taking part can also practice his/her personal studies in practice and/or discover other personal assets. Surely an experience of a lifetime.”

Anthony EllulBusiness Advisor