Jean Paul Attard

“I have been a member of the Board of Directors of JAYE Malta since November 2014. My interest in JAYE Malta started when as a young 6th former I participated in the Company Programme with a group of friends. That was a positive and unbeatable hands-on experience in the business world through which I’ve learned some invaluable business lessons. In my experience, one gets out of the programme as much as they put in. Nowadays, the JAYE Malta set-up is even more professional and thorough than it was when I was participating as a student. My goal now has shifted from a participating student to a representative of HSBC Malta, supporting the organization from a professional background. This partnership between JAYE Malta and HSBC Malta is on the right track, where with the support of my CSR colleagues, we are evolving the relationship between these two organisations through various activities indented to support future young entrepreneurs.”

Jean Paul AttardJAYE Council Board Member and Senior Marketing ManagerHSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.